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Is this for me?

This course is for all of us; whether we are parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, teachers, youth workers, and those of us in leadership - we all have a collective responsibility in shaping our future generations.

  • Setting Priorities: Where Do We Start?
  • The living Formula
  • Do's & Dont's
  • Modelling a Quranic Character
  • The Scale of Truth
  • Emotional intelligence: Heart vs Mind
  • Real Role Models

Why should I attend?

  • Find the keys to successful change so you can inspire others, your family and friends
  • Learn the key reasons for failures within our community, our children and next generation
  • Benefit from tried and tested ways for overcoming today's challenges

Let's take time out and plan for our future, support each other and build the new generation; now and for our hereafter.

As one of our students said:

"Remove the regret. There is no pause button and replay in life, but come and learn how you can still achieve the best for yourself and your loved ones."

Shaykh Abu Nahla Al-Wazani

Shaykh Abu Nahla Al-Wazani has been working in the field of Dawah and Tazkiya for 33 years. Focusing on Qur'anic -based self-development, the Shaykh's unique teaching style captivates his students, and engages adults from the youth to seniors, from beginners to regulars. We are blessed to have an educator in our time who can fuse the principles of Qur'anic self-development with 21st century life and leadership training. Shaykh Abu Nahla presents this in such a thought-provoking way, making it both practical and easy to implement.

Shaykh studied Islamic Shariah and attained his education and training in the Islamic Sciences in various cities. He was able to nurture his spiritual self-development and obtained several Ijazahs from his highly-respected teachers, from Palestine to Egypt. Subsequently, the Shaykh has become a leading expert in his field. This is underpinned by the Shaykh's vast experience of life, problem-solving, and spiritual counselling, where he works with individuals, families, communities, and organisations.

Shaykh's courses are developed by and rooted in his own personal extensive research of the Qur'an, the Sunnah, and reality. He has a wide fellowship in several countries; his message is gradually growing and impacting the Muslim community at large.