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The Lost Legacy
Revival of the forgotten fundamentals of success.

The Prophet SAAW was sent with the formula for success, for humanity, until the end of time. The Qur'an has been preserved and the Sunnah protected. The Ummah still exists and humans are still humans; yet misguidance still remains and we don't see the success that first generation attained.
The question that begs itself is what did that unique generation do with the same tools we have today; to change their lives, transform humanity, and attain success beyond measure?
What are we doing wrong?
What are we missing?
And how can we do it right?
In this unique and essential course we will explore important pre-requisites, essential concepts and fundamental principles that must be upheld to attain success and make it last. Join us for this 2 day course to rediscover and revive these fundamentals; to become a builder, rather than an obstacle on the way to success.

Shaykh Abu Nahla will Answer the following:
-Is my fate decided?
-Make an effort - My will and Allah's will
-Making moral choices: mercy and justice
-Accepting outcomes and dua and destiny
-The balanced Ummah with a common ground
-Where secularism went wrong?

About Course Instructor

Shaykh Abu Nahla has been teaching for 33 years in the field of Dawah and Tarbiya. He studied Islamic Shariah in Palestine and the Sciences of Tasawwuf in both Palestine and Egypt. He obtained several Ijazahs from his well-respected teachers and has become a leading expert in his field. He has also become known for conducting unique Quranic Tarbiya intensives.

Tarbiya touches upon all sciences, including but not limited to Quran, hadith, tasawwuf, and fiqh. While many have never tasted the fruit of tarbiyya because of fear or misconceptions around tassawwuf and Sufism, Shaykh Abu Nahla manages to deliver the best of the fruit in his intensives: the fruit that is aligned with the Quran and Sunnah and bound by Shariah.

He appreciates the truth and studies all facets of the deen to gain a better understanding and obtain the most comprehensive view of Allah's religion.. Shaykh Abu Nahla's main concerns are the revival of lost Quranic concepts, the true understanding of Islam, as well as Tarbiya and the sciences of application. He is trying his best to improve the condition of the Ummah by serving the revival of true Islamic concepts.

We at Noesis and all who know the Shaykh pray for his success and the spread of his knowledge. And we wish that everyone has the opportunity to meet, study with, and benefit from this source of knowledge and wisdom. Amin.